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About us


We offer comprehensive services regarding regulatory matters, intellectual property and corporate law.

We specialize in trademarks, patents, copyright, domain names, health permits, licenses, amongst others.

Likewise, we handle affairs related with contracts, partnerships and general matters concerning business structures in each of their different phases.

We are able to address these matters in every country in Latin America through our network of associates and correspondents.

Keeping our clients objectives and benefits always in mind, we strive to offer solutions through efficient processes, which allow us to speed up processes and shorten response times.

Accordingly to the permanent commitment of supporting our clients, we develop strategies that privilege our client´s interests and protect their assets; all of this within the framework of the law of the countries where activities are taking place.

Cell: (57) 314 296 8186  /  Phone: (571) 6204920 /  E-mail: marketing@spiamericas.com / Skype: spi_americas
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